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Considering some new recessed lighting?  Are your lights flickering, do they stay on, or are they just plain unreliable?  We can help! 


Are you interested in having a new fan installed? Does your current ceiling fan wobble or make noise?  It’s time to call in a pro to help.


Having trouble with an outlet?  Breaker keep tripping?  Maybe you'd like to add a new GFCI, an outdoor outlet, or an outlet on a switch.  We always wire to code.


Need to tighten up on security?   Motion sensors, alarms, video cams, doorbell cams, and more.  Keep your home safe and let one of our pros walk you thru the process.


Experiencing internet connectivity or streaming issues?  Want to add a new Ethernet outlet in your home or office?  Wiring Guru is here to help


Keeping it smart?  We will install your smart cameras, smart thermostats, smart outlets and switches, smart lighting, smart locks, and even fully automate your home.


Making plans to have a hot tub, pool or spa installed?  Start relaxing now by letting us do the work.  Our team specializes in 240volt pool/spa panels and our "dig" guru's are standing by.


Most electric and hybrid vehicles require a new 40-60 amp circuit to be installed.  Let us take a look at your garage/parking area to determine the best location for your charging station.


Building a home away from home... or, very near your home?  Shed wiring is a specialty of ours.  Let our innovative team help wire up your mini-masterpiece!